Christ Church Towanda

News and Notes

Supplies are needed for temporary schools set up by Kajo Keji due to relocation as a result of the ongoing civil war. Please see flyer on bulletin board for information about where to send donations.

Why do bishops wear purple?

One simple explanation is that the "color coding" helps people differentiate between bishops and priests and deacons. Priests and deacons traditionally wear black shirts, while bishops wear purple.

Some believe that bishops wear purple to remind themselves and others to repent and prepare for Christ's second coming. Others believe that the purple color for bishops is derived from the ancient tradition of reserving the color purple for royalty and others in authority. (Bishops were at one time thought of as princes of the Church.) Purple dye was a rare and valuable thing in the ancient world; the Bible speaks of Lydia of Tyre who was "a seller of purple," and Jesus told a story about "a rich man who was clothed in purple." Finally, some think that because in the book of Exodus (39:1), Aaron's vestments are described as being made of blue, purple and crimson yarns, bishops ended up with the magenta shade of purple that is most commonly seen today. (Thanks to the Diocese of Texas for this information.)

Trinity Lutheran Church has a used clothing drop-off shed.
see the flyer on the parish hall table for information about which items are wanted.

Got Drugs?
Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal at the MedReturn Drug Collection Unit inside the Bradford County Courthouse in Towanda, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.
See bulletin board for more information.

Recycle For The Roof
Now that our commitment to Kajo Keji has been completed, let's continue our 5₵ recycling efforts to benefit our roof/steeple project! Please bring in your clean and not crushed 5₵ plastic bottles and cans and leave in the entry way of the Parish Hall where there is a box.
Please make sure it has the NY 5₵ stamp on it or it will not be accepted by the recycling center.
All proceeds will go to the roof/steeple project!
We collected over $1000 for Kajo Keji so keep those bottles and cans coming in!
Any questions, please see Debi Weisbrod.

There is holy water in the baptismal font so you can bless yourself as you enter and leave the church

The prayer book (pg. 445) explains how important wills are for our families.
Please be sure Mother Mo knows your funeral plans and/or wishes, and also the address and contact number of your next of kin and close friends just in case of emergencies. We have Service Arrangement forms available in the parish office.
You may also down load the form, fill it out and print it by clicking this link.
Service Arrangement Form
(Acrobat Reader is needed)
Please note, you can not save the form after you fill it out, you can only print it.
If you would like to pre-plan your funeral, please contact Mother Mo.

Photos of SOME of the Christ Church Events
Pancake Supper 2016
Pictures of the final confirmation class for 2013
Recent visit up into the Steeple
Chuck inspecting the Steeple

We have 2 virtual tours of our historic church.
Click here to view them
These tours only work with a high speed connection and at least Windows XP. Sorry, they can not be viewed on Apple computers.

Are you trying to be Gluten free?
Rice wafers are available during Holy Communion; please be sure to tell an usher.

Candles and Flowers
Sign up sheets are available for the sanctuary candle light as well as altar flowers.
Sanctuary candles for the church OR chapel are $4 per week.
If you would like to sign up for BOTH, it is $7 per week.

Please contact either Mother Mo or Marshall Dawsey with any questions about St. Matthew donations!
St. Matthew Society page on Diocesan website

Card Ministry Info
Donna, Marg and Doris are helping out with our card ministry. This helps everyone feel remembered, prayed for and loved. If you know of anyone who is need, let one of these ladies know or contact Mother Mo at 265-5035

Last Updated 06/11/2017