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Meet Bishop Sean Rowe, Provisional Bishop.
Canticle Communications interviewed Bishop Sean about his thoughts on the opportunity to serve in this endeavor and new model of ministry.

Renewal Assembly from Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem on Vimeo.
This video was created for the Renewal Assembly held February 19, 2010 at six locations throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem. The focus of the video is on personal and corporate prayer and features Bishop Paul Marshall; Fr. John Francis of Christ Church, Reading; and Mo. Laura Howell of Trinity, Bethlehem. In addition, the video has a series of questions that were used during the discussion portion of the assembly.

This video was produced for the Renewal Assembly II event held June 11, 2011 in the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem. The video features Bishop Paul Marshall interviewing Lucy Kitch-Peck, Liza Holzinger, and Warren Shotto regarding their individual faith life and how that intersects with their parish. The theme is "Connecting the Dots" between individual faith and corporate faith.

Pray for Peace in Sudan
Satellite Sentinel Project
The World is watching because you are watching. Monitor the Crisis in Sudan: View the Latest Satellite Imagery
Satellite Sentinel Project has confirmed the deliberate burning of three villages -- Tajalei, Maker Abior and Todach -- in Sudan's contested Abyei region.


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